Some of Nigel's favorite words
hebetude - dulness, lethargy
vexillology - the study of flags
asetival (EEst-iv-al) - of or pertaining to the summer
emolument (im-al-yhu-ment) - the advantage, fees or compensation of office
susurrus - mumuring noise
thaumaturgy - the art of performing magic
canorous - musical
effulgence (i-FUL-juhnts) - flood of light or splendor
teneborous - dark, gloomy
nescience - lack of knowledge
seriatim (sir-ee-AY-tim) - one after another, in series
tmesis (TMEE-sis) - deliberately splitting up a compound word e.g. im possible
chthonic (THONE-ik) - dwelling under the earth, of the underworld.
comity (KAHM-uh-tee) - harmony or mutual civility and respect
numismatics (noo-miz-MAT-iks) - study of coins
triskaidekaphobia (tris-ky-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh) - fear of the number 13
Scope charity bankeleemosynary (el-e-MOS-i-ner-ee) - related to charity e.g. an eleemosynary corporation
riparian (rih-PAIR-ee-uhn) of or pertaining to the bank of a river or stream
evanescent (ev-uh-NESS-uhnt) - liable to pass away or vanish
ineluctable (in-i-LUCK-tuh-bul) Impossible to avoid 
inchoate (in-KOH-it) - just begun, or only partially existing
inculcate (IN-kul-kayt) To teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions; to urge on the mind
supererogatory (soop-ur-i-ROG-uh-tor-ee) More than is needed or required
edacious (i-DAY-shus) Given to eating; voracious; devouring
fugacious (fyoo-GAY-shus) Lasting but a short time; volatile
daedal (DEE-dul) Cunningly or ingeniously formed or working; skillful; artistic; ingenious
clinquant (KLING-kunt) Glittering with gold or silver; tinseled
cynosure (SIN-uh-shoor) Anything to which attention is strongly turned; a center of attraction
expatiate (ik-SPAY-shee-ayt) To speak or write at some length
protean (pro-TEE-un) Exceedingly variable; readily assuming different shapes or forms
canard (kuh-NARD) An extravagant or absurd report or story; esp. one in the newspapers to hoax the public
ratiocination (rash-ee-oh-suh-NAY-shun) deductive reasoning.
quixotic - Caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; idealistic without regard to practicality.
fustian - pompous, inflated, bombastic
tumid - ridiculously inflated
sesquipedalia - a long word (literally a foot and a half long)
pusillanimous - (pyoo-suh-LAN-uh-muss) Lacking in courage and resolution, of weak spirit
pulchritudinous - (pul-kruh-TOOD-n-us) Attractive
parallelepiped, parallelepipedon, - a prism whose bases are parallelograms 
manumit - emancipate
cornucopia (kor-nuh-KOH-pee-uh) - The horn of plenty, from which fruits and flowers are represented as issuing
propinquity (pruh-PING-kwih-tee) - Nearness in place, time or bloodline
celerity - quickness; swiftness
adumbrate (AD-uhm-brayt) - To give a faint shadow or slight representation of; to outline
atrabilious (at-ruh-BIL-yuhs) - melancholic, irratable
prolix (proh-LIKS) - wordy
mycology - the branch of botany that studies fungi
phytology - the branch of biology that studies plants
surcease (SUR-sees) - Cessation
vitiate (VISH-ee-ayt) - To make faulty, or imperfect
prestidigitation (pres-tih-dij-ih-TAY-shuhn) - Manual dexterity in the execution of tricks
coxcomb (KOKS-kohm) - A vain, showy fellow, the hat worn by a jester
pellucid (puh-LOO-sid) - Transparent, Easily understandable.
factitious (fak-TIH-shuhs) - Produced artificially, sham, not natural
contumacious (kon-t(y)oo-MAY-shuhs) - Exhibiting contempt for authority, stubbornly disobedient
concupiscence (kahn-KYOO-puh-sun(t)s) - Strong desire, lust
condign (kuhn-DYN)) - suitable to the fault or crime (e.g. of a punishment)
lambent (LAM-bunt) - Playing on the surface, touching lightly, gliding over
expiate (EK-spee-ayt) - To make amends for
persiflage (PUR-suh-flahzh) - Frivolous or bantering talk
obfuscate (OB-fuh-skayt) - To darken; to obscure; hence, to confuse.
calumny (KAL-um-nee) - False, malicious accusation of a crime or offense
turpitude (TUR-puh-tood) - Inherent baseness or vileness of principle, words, or actions
schadenfreude (SHAHD-n-froy-duh) - A malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others
adventitious (ad-ven-TISH-us) - Added extrinsically; not essentially inherent
meretricious (mer-ih-TRISH-us) - Of or pertaining to prostitutes, alluring by false show, watson
apogee (AP-uh-jee) - That point in the orbit of the moon which is at the greatest distance from the earth, The farthest or highest point, culmination.
apercu (ah per SOO) - A discerning perception, an insight, a synopsis
otiose (OH-shee-ohs) - Ineffective futile
sempiternal (sem-pih-TUR-nul) - having beginning, but no end
hyperbole (hy-PUR-buh-lee) - Extravagant exaggeration
egregious (ih-GREE-jus) - Conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible
plangent (PLAN-juhnt) - Beating with a loud or deep sound, Expressing sadness
importunate (im-POR-chuh-nit) - Troublesomely urgent; unreasonably solicitous
uxorious (uk-SOR-ee-us) - Excessively fond of, or submissive to, a wife
peregrination (pehr-uh-gruh-NAY-shun) - A traveling from place to place
tocsin (TAHK-sin) - An alarm bell, A warning
palliate (PAL-ee-ayt) - To cover with excuses, To reduce in violence
coeval (koh-EE-vul) - Of the same age, usually followed by "with"
perfervid (pur-FUR-vid) - marked by exaggerated or overwrought emotion
recrudescent (ree-kroo-DES-unt) - Breaking out again after temporary abatement or suppression e.g. a recrudescent epidemic
tergiversation (tur-jiv-ur-SAY-shun) - Practicing evasion, subterfuge, knowingly abandoning a party or cause
simulacrum (sim-yuh-LAY-krum) [pl simulacra] - a representation, An insubstantial, superficial, or vague likeness
lucubration (loo-kyoo-BRAY-shun) - nocturnal study, That which is composed by night
peradventure - Perhaps, perchance
somnambulist - a sleepwalker
crapulous (KRAP-yuh-lus) - Suffering the effects of gross intemperance, especially in drinking
euphonious (yoo-FOE-nee-us) - Pleasing or sweet in sound; smooth-sounding
termagant or harridan (TUR-muh-gunt) - A scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman
consanguineous (kon-san-GWIN-ee-us) - Of the same blood
tendentious (ten-DEN-shus) - Marked by a strong tendency in favor of a particular point of view
avoirdupois (av-ur-duh-POIZ) - Weight; heaviness; as, a person of much avoirdupois
excoriate (ek-SKOR-ee-ayt) - to censure scathingly, to flay
truckle (TRUK-ul) - to act in a subservient manner
moiety (MOY-uh-tee) - a half, a small part, one of two basic tribal subdivisions
epigone (EP-uh-goan) - An inferior imitator, especially of some distinguished artist
irrefragable (ir-REF-ruh-guh-bul) - Impossible to refute; incontestable
animus (AN-uh-mus) - basic attitude or animating spirit, a feeling of ill will
interregnum (in-tur-REG-num) - the interval between two reigns, any breach of continuity in an order
circumambient (sur-kum-AM-bee-unt) - surrounding
purdah (PUR-duh) - The system of secluding Hindu or Muslim women, A state of seclusion or concealment
bromide (BRO-myd) - A compound of bromine, a dose of potassium bromide taken as a sedative, a dull person, a commonplace or conventional saying
orotund (OR-uh-tund) - full, clear, strong (of a voice), pompous, bombastic
Promethean (pruh-MEE-thee-un) - Boldly original or creative (Prometheus stole fire from gods in Greek mythology)
neologism (nee-OLL-uh-jiz-um) - A new word or expression, or new use of one
oneiric (oh-NY-rik) - Pertaining to, or suggestive of dreams; dreamy. 
atelier (at-l-YAY) - A workshop; a studio
coruscate (KOR-uh-skayt) - To sparkle, to exhibit brilliant technique or style
voluptuary (vuh-LUP-choo-er-ee) - One who makes his physical enjoyment his chief care
quidnunc (KWID-nungk) - One who is curious to know everything that passes; one who knows, or pretends to know, all that is going on
gloaming (GLOH-ming) - Twilight; dusk
stentorian (sten-TOR-ee-un) - Extremely loud, powerful
proselytize (PRAH-suh-luh-tyz) - to convert someone to your religious fiath, institution, cause etc.
hypnagogic (hip-nuh-GOJ-ik) Of or relating to the state of drowsiness preceding sleep
petrichor - the smell of rain on dry ground
acronycal (ah-KRON-ik-al) - Happening in the evening or at nightfall
alexipharmic (ah-LEK-si-far-mik) - Having the quality or nature of an antidote to poison
alegar - malt vinegar
egoism (EE-go-izem) - The ethical belief that self-interest is the just and proper motive for all human conduct
anfractuosity - A channel, crevice or passage full of windings and turnings
ataraxy - Freedom from disturbance of mind, suspension of judgement, living according to custom and appearances
autohagiography (AW-toe-hy-gee-og-raf-ee) - an autobiography that flatters or idolises its subject
bloviate - To speak pompously
batology - the study of brambles 
callipygous (ka-l&-'pi-g&s) - having beautiful buttocks 
genethliac - relating to a birthday or to the casting of horoscopes (obsolete) 
kakistocracy - government by the worst 
leiotrichy - straight-hairedness 
paneity - the state of being bread 
tintinabulation - A ringing or tinkling sound
struldbruggian - able to age, but not to die, eventually attaining a state of senseless decrepitude (from Gulliver's Travels)
cacography - Bad handwriting or bad spelling (opp. orthography)
cadastral - Of or relating to a survey of land
caltrop - A four-pointed device used to impede pursuit
catoptromancy (kay-Top-tro-man-see) - Divination by means of mirrors
cataglottism - Kissing using the tongue, French kissing
chrestomathy - A selection or anthology
cohobation - repeated distillation, popular with alchemists
copacetic - Fine, excellent, going just right
syllogism (sil-uh-jizm) - A form of deductive reasoning consisting of a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion 
malism - the belief that the world is not intrinsically good
dactylonomy - the act of counting on the fingers
deipnosophist (dyp-NOS-so-fist) - A master of dinner-table conversation.
dracontology - the study of lake animals unknown to science.
engastrimyth - t ventriloquist, a soothsayer rather than ententertainer
farb - an inauthentic re-enactor of battles.
financephalograph - an analogue computer designed to model a national economy
saltation - the act of leaping, discontinuous movement, advancement by leaps, a single mutation that drastically alters the phenotype.
floccinaucinihilipilification - the action or habit of judging something to be worthless
gafiate - to leave science-fiction fan activities (Getting Away From It All)
gowpen - a double handful
haplology - omission of one of a pair of sounds or syllables e.g. libry vs library
incunablum - a book printed before 1501
infundibulum - a funnel-shaped cavity
in silico - in or by means of a computer simulation
labertifery - the practice of wearing labrets (ornaments worn through a lip)
leucipottomy - the craft of cutting white horses on hillsides
lycanthropy - the transformation of a person into a wolf
machicoloation (mach-ik-ul-AY-shun) - an opening between supports on a castle parapet
for dropping missiles on an enemy
octothorp - the telephone handset symbol #
onychophagist - a person who bites his or her nails
orrery - a mechanical device to show the motions of the planets
pantechnicon - a furniture removal van
pastinaceous - of the nature of or relating to the parsnip
pogonotrophy - cultivation of a beard; beard-growing
quincunx - five objects arranged as on the face of a die.
retronym - a term coined as a modification of a referent originally used alone,
to distinguish it from a later contrastive development (e.g. acoustic guitar)
sabermetrician = a person who studies baseball statistics
semordnilap - a word, phrase or sentence that makes sense when reversed,
but is not the same as the original ("palindromes" backwards)
sophrosyne (sof-FROZ-ini) - soundness of mind, moderation, prudence, self-control
sternutation - the act of sneezing
tautochrone - a curve on which an object falling under gravity will reach the bottom
in the same amount of time, no matter from where it starts
thelemic - permitting people to do as they like
titubation (ti-CHOO-bay-shun) A staggering or unsteadiness of walk or posture
trebuchet - a medieval military siege engine for hurling heavy missiles
ullage - the unfilled space in a barrel or wine bottle
umami - the fifth taste as of MSG
volitation - lying, flight
wayzgoose - printers' annual dinner or excursion
macaronic - of verse consisting of a mixture of languages
wittol - a contented cuckold, a fool
yclept - by the name of called
zenzizenzizenzic - the eighth power of a number

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