Nigel, if you have stumbled across this site, then bear in mind the following points before you hunt us down.

10 reasons not to go mad

1 This site is a tribute to you, who thought you had nothing to offer the internet.
2 The internet has been around for over 10 years, you could have registered before some other monkey (i.e. me) came along and nabbed it.
3 Only a few hundred people have seen the site.
4 The site was first put up on 13 March 2003. It's listed on many search engines and we've run a number of pule auctions. Where's your browsing been during this time?
5 It could be worse; we could have put up pictures of you at home in your slippers.
6 It's a labour of love, only true admirers would do something like this.
7 You gave us the idea (remember
8 You gave us all the material.
9 I'll sell you the site for 500.
10 We'll give you a free T-Shirt though.
OK, now feel free to go hunting...