Nigel can always be relied on to provide snacks
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This is Nigel's cupboard. Notice he only eats dark chocolate digestives. This distinction is very important.

Nigel used to eat many tins of Altoids.

They are not proven to enhance anything, except breath

Click here to see a US Altoids tin.


Now he eats O\zon. Click on the picture to see their freaky site

O\zon tins are significantly smaller than Altoids.

The empty tin drawer

Nigel stores his empty tins in a drawer. He was foolish enough to give away a whole draw of Altoid tins. The empty jar marks the end of Nigel's experiment to substitute the coffee of his unwitting colleagues with de-caff

Here is the whole draw of Altoids tins he gave away!

See what happened to them on Ebay.

Apple Orange

Nigel helpfully labels up fruit

Pear Kumquat

You take you pick, and eat your fruit.

Nigel stuck a mechanical pencil into Oli's Müller desert

Nigel stuck a mechanical pencil into Oli's Müller desert.


Bulk buying food can save money, unless you share them with an office full of snack munchers with a penchant for German ginger cakes.

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