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We were particularly pleased by this review (spelling errors sic):

Who is Nigel Blinman? Well, to be honest, after reading this site we're not entirely sure (but it's probably not too important in the grand scheme of things anyway*).

The pre-text of this site is that it is a collection of humerous articles and observations by Nigel Blinman, published without his knowledge by his friends/co-workers/tormenters. We don't know if Nigel really exists or whether he is just a ficticious character invented to front a product (like Captain Birdseye or Iain Duncan-Smith), but we can say that the majority of material on this site is really quite funny. The site contains a good collection of observational satire about everything from Politics to Volvos, as well selling merchendise such as T-Shirts. We would hope that Nigels tormenters use any proceeds from T-Shirt sales to provide bread and water for Nigel, who we can only assume may be kept in a small dark conrete box, and forced to write funny articles for this site. However, given the good quality of most of the work on the site this approach obviously works.

* For those interested the Grand Scheme of Things is available for anyone to read, and is usually published at your local Town Hall, usually on some kind of cork notice-board. is listed on these other directories:

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