Some photos of Nigel

Nigel wears size 12

Nigel shows how he feels about red nose day (and shoe polish)

oli_and_nigel.jpg (60122 bytes)

Oli and Nigel are rocks among men

Phil and Nigel enjoy discussing a variety of topics

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Nigel and Chris. Nigel's car is full of Chris' bulk purchases on exhibition at the Science Museum

The Science Museum in London recently (unwittingly) featured as part of the part of the Who Am I? exhibition on level 1. Lounging on the bizarrely encased screen are Susannah and Mel.


Nigel enjoys a pint of Worthingtons, shortly before being attacked by a UFO. Our team came 4th from last in the pub quiz. Shame they didn't have a ranting competition instead.


Notice the tins!

Nigel hurt his shoulder falling out of his loft.
Notice both Altoids and O\zon tins!

Download a video of Nigel being Nigel

It's only 800kb, and worth every byte

Nigel is sometimes camera shy

Nigel gets everyone coffee, even with a dodgy arm!

Nigel's Honda Civic VTI. He would love a Type R, but couldn't afford it. Nigel's ideal car has the smallest engine possible, putting out loads of power at obscene revs.

Nigel likes to drive with his foot on the floor at all times.

The photo above was taken the day Nigel was allowed to take his arm out of the sling. He hadn't driven for ages, and seemed he had forgotten how. His arm still looks a bit flurzy.

Nigel splashed out on an ADSL modem /router.
Now he's got ADSL broadband, there's no telling what he might get up to.

Nigel only wears his comedy glasses for driving.

These bizarre and frankly disturbing images could well be explained by visiting