Destruction of the O\zon layer

After giving his Altoids tins to Phil, Nigel started collecting a draw full of beautiful O\zon tins.

This picture only shows 14, but eventually Nigel munched his way though 18!

Each tin is striking in cool aluminium with subtle graphics.
Nigel didn't want to give these precious treasures away as easily as the Altoids. He forced Phil to accept a bet against the outcome of a game of squash with Chris. If Phil had won the game, his two tons of filthy Omega would not be about to crush the 18 lovely tins.

The tins were devastated, not even enough left to sell on Ebay.

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Nigel is proud of the annihilation, and manages to make the filthy Omega appear diminutive.
The tins are captivating, even when mashed.