Nigel suggests refurbishing Stonehenge
How about refurbishing Stonehenge? It's not vandalism because, lets face it, maintenance over the last 10 000 years has been shockingly inadequate. The stones are chipped, worn and, quite frankly "old school." We could replace them with concrete blocks which have nice square corners and a fresh coat of paint. Please spare me the feeble-minded whittering about the expense and the danger of arrest - this is our great opportunity to give something back to the nation!

By the way, not sure what to do with the old stones. The dustmen would moan like hell. Phil, how would your house look with a slightly over-engineered patio? 


The famous megalith
Why Nigel generated this plan:
We need a plan that's:

Likely to appear on the TV news, if only regional
Even better, front page of the Sun
Conceptually better than crop circles, that is more pointless, worrying, confusing, etc.
Easily achievable given materials we already posses or can purchase locally at small cost
Can be achieved by three enthusiastic engineering graduates with too much time on their hands, a sense of adventure and an overwhelming desire to disorientate the general public. Viz. Nigel, Oli & Phil
Will seem even more humorous after a few beers.
Could be replicated at random intervals in various national and international locations, to a growing media and public interest culminating in a hugely profitable book / newspaper serialisation deal.

I don't think I need to point out that this is a more important issue than the pushing the boundaries / squirrel thing.

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