Nigel's technophile test
Suitability test:
1) In order to get a PDA with a colour screen, I would be prepared to...
a) Eat nothing but "Value" baked beans for a month
b) Get a part-time job in McDonalds
c) Sell a kidney
2) You find an ad on the internet for a combined mobile phone, electric shaver, and medium range tactical missile. Do you:
a) Mail everyone the link
b) Save up
c) Buy three. One for your home, one for the office and one in case your loose one
3) Three weeks after Quake came out, you had
a) Completed all levels
b) Written your own maps
c) Reverse engineered the rendering engine
4) In order to safeguard your valuable humorous sound files and digital photos of your mates, you implement
a) an optical media based backup strategy
b) a cryptographic data safe, backed up onto optical media
c) a secure server in your living room, with more than 100Gb of disk space on a RAID5 array
5) You have had your new mouse for a month. Is it:
a) dirty
b) dismantled on a whim
c) worn out

Score: anything other than 5 Cs - no free gadgets for you, boy.

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