Oli's Drawer Auction blinman.com
When Nigel's friend Oli moved to a new job, the obvious thing to do was sell everything he left behind. Actually, the first thing to do was wind up Oli about what he might possibly have left behind, then post it to America.
Click for whole thing The auction made no mention of the actual items for sale, but thankfully someone in Colorado was mad enough to buy them anyway.
Click for larger image These are the items that were sent to the auction winner, any of which could well have been in Oli's drawer.

In truth only one of these items actually belonged to Oli. We realised that the buyer would not be happy with this one paltry item, so manufactured more of equal or greater value.

Guess which item actually belonged to Oli!

Click for larger image Here are the items all boxed up and ready to send to the US.

The Chinese can is strong enough for Nigel to stand on!

Silly auctions are just a sideline for Blinman.com.
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