Altoids auction on Ebay

A while ago, Nigel gave Phil 29 empty Altoids tins that he had collected in his drawer. To help publicise he decided to run a 'pule' auction on Ebay. If you are wondering what a pule auction is, check out

The auction was just a joke, but unfortunately someone in California actually wanted the tins, and won the auction! A whole $11. That's 38 cents each or 24 UK pence per tin.


View a copy of the auction after it finished.
The real page may still be available on Ebay.
This is what the tins looked like in Nigel's drawer. You can see why Phil was happy that Nigel gave them to him.
Someone called Anjali Pathak won the auction.

To find out what the tins are going to be used for, see 

Phil parceled up the tins using an old box he found at work.
You might tell from the picture: the postage was 10.71. More than the auction value!
Hope you enjoy the tins Anjali.