Like most people, you would probably love a T-Shirt

Your melancholy is about to be brought to an end!

Amaze your friends with Nigel's grinning face.
This is one of the designs for the T-Shirt.

Other designs are being exhaustively tested by a team of researchers. We are also working closely with a number of suppliers to ensure quality that Nigel himself would be proud of.

How will your colleagues ever respect you without a fabulous mug?

Coffee consumption will never be the same again.

Phil painting in a T Shirt Whatever you are doing, a T-Shirt can advertise the site. Don't get paint on it like this fool though!

If you are interested in one of the first batch, or have a design suggestion (such as your favorite 'hate') email us

You can be sure that these T-Shirts will end up as pule auctions on Ebay!