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A tribute to Nigel Blinman

This site contains some of Nigel's creative works that we hope you will find amusing.

All of the 'articles' here were written by Nigel, but he did not create the site.

He didn't find out about it for a few months after it was set up!

Anger Management
100 reasons Nigel is angry
100 reasons
Nigel is angry
Why men hate shopping
Why men hate shopping
Polemic on Swedish Automobiles
Polemic on
Swedish Automobiles
Letter of impending revenge
Letter of
impending revenge
Smack the Pingu
Smack the Pingu

Nigel's favorite stress reliever
Predictions for the future
Predictions for the future
Bad drivers
Bad Drivers 
Get a clue!
Get a clue!

50 things to do with a house brick
50 things to do with a house brick
50 things to do before you're 30
50 things to do before you're 30
Nigel suggests some new words
Nigel suggests some
new words
Nigel's rules
Nigel's rules

Self examination
Chocolate or Vanilla
Chocolate or Vanilla?
The ultimate questionnaire
Laptop or desktop
Laptop or Desktop?

The great divide
Light bulb jokes for engineers
Light bulb jokes
for engineers

Nigel describes himself

Chain Reactions

Nigel's reaction to
chain email
Poetry calms Nigel down

Pointing out the obvious

Nigel's graduation day speech

The world economy

Refurbishing Stonehenge
Telephone Fraud
Telephone Fraud email

Ebay Auctions


Dead Nikon

Red nose

Tent peg

Power User Keyboard

Oli's Drawer


Some photos of Nigel

Nigel at work

Nigel always provides the snacks

Destruction of the O\ZON layer

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These pages are a tribute to, and minor chronicle of, Nigel's impact on his work colleagues. Quotations are unadulterated and do not necessarily express the views or opinions of the publishers. Investors should be aware that the value of investments and the income derived from them can fall as well as rise and that past performance is no guide to future performance.

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